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About Us

          Return on Rentals is committed to helping its clients create long-term wealth, using turnkey, residential rental property as the vehicle.   We provide rehabbed, rented, professionally managed, cash flowing real estate for investors.  We deal in single family homes, multi family, and small commercial residential.  We have hundreds of clients throughout America and internationally.   We believe that a business cannot be successful without successful clients.  Our philosophy is to focus on longterm client relationships and to always put clients needs first; in doing so we too shall find success.

What makes us unique is our ability to operate in multiple markets, giving our clients options and diversification.  We also move to new and different markets as market conditions change.  We always keep our eyes on the data and our clients in the most profitable markets at that time.   

Our business was born out of a necessity.  People are tired of investing in risky stocks, poorly performing IRA’s /401k’s, low yielding savings accounts or CD’s.   More people are realizing that real estate always has and always will be the most secure, safe route to accumulating wealth.  The problem is most people's markets aren’t good for rental property.  The prices, property taxes, and insurance are too high, compared to what the homes can be rented for.   This is where we are NEEDED!  We give clients access to the most profitable rental markets in the country.  Not only that, we give them a turnkey product, with a built in power team to manage and maintain the investment.  It is difficult if not impossible for the smaller investor to build an effective, trustworthy team, who can buy, rehab, rent, and manage property on the client’s behalf, when the client lives out of state.  It is without a doubt safer, more cost effective, and most importantly, faster to piggyback our infrastructure and rapidly build ones portfolio.  We do the heavy lifting; our clients just count rent money!

All properties advertised via Return on Rentals website are sold 'as is', without expressed or implied warranty. You may purchase a home warranty from a 3rd party. Any property you purchase is a transaction between you and the seller of that property and every property will differ in condition and financial performance. We strongly suggest that you conduct any due-dilligence needed before finalizing the transaction. Return on Rentals and it's related entities does not offer any guarantee regarding the specific performance of a property including it's return on investment or cap rate. As all real estate transactions pose some risk, we suggest you contact your on accounting, legal or other professional advisor regarding any questions you have including the suitability of a specific transaction.